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Discover Creative Art Events at Gilgamesh Art Cafe in Amman's Cultural Hub: Stained Glass Workshop, Pottery Class, Painting Exhibition showcasing Local Artists

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At Gilgamesh Cafe, our art journey began with a simple goal: to create an immersive experience for our community. Since our inception in 2019, we’ve become a hub for local artists and creatives featuring inspiring and collaborative workshops. From team building workshops to pottery classes, glass painting and stained glass classes, we offer a diverse range of creative opportunities. We’re passionate about bringing people together through art and providing a space for artistic expression in all of its forms. Join us at our Amman art cafe for community events and workshops that inspire creativity and fun.

We have grown to become a beloved destination for art enthusiasts of all ages, seeking to spend quality time exploring and creating art in our space.

Discover the creative side of Amman at Gilgamesh Art Cafe. Pottery, Glass Painting, Stained Glass, Kurinuki, Raku, food events, movie night and Gold leaf gilding.

Explore Raku, Kurinuki, and More at Gilgamesh Art Cafe's Creative Art Events in Amman: Stained Glass Workshop, Pottery Class, Painting Exhibition Showcasing Local Artists

Gilgamesh Art Cafe

is a cultural gem in the heart of Jabal al-Weibdeh, Amman. It offers a diverse range of workshops, courses, and exhibitions, including stained glass, pottery, painting, drama, photography, and filmmaking. The cafe’s commitment to supporting local artists and fostering community is reflected in its free exhibitions and cultural activities. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist, the Gilgamesh Art Cafe provides a welcoming space to explore your passion for the arts and connect with like-minded individuals.

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23 Al-Farazdaq St.,
Jabal Lwiebdeh Amman, Jordan

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